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Quick Facts:

Cathedral High School
College Preparatory
1253 Bishops Road
Los Angeles, CA  90012
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Football Office
Tel: (323) 441-3134
Fax: (323) 222-7223
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who are the coaches at Cathedral High School and how do I contact them?

  • Q: My son is a freshman.  Does he have to have prior experience playing Tackle Football?

    • A: No.  Prior experience playing tackle football helps but it is not a requirement.  The coaches at Cathedral High School will teach your son the fundamentals and safety features of the game.

  • Q: What are the dates and times when the football teams practice?

    • A: Please check the Calendar posted on the web site and you can see all the important dates for the remainder of the season.  The Calendar section will be updated as often as possible but it is still your son's responsibility to check with his coach in case an event is canceled or changed.

  • Q: How long are the practices?

    • A: Normally, the practices are between 2 and 3 hours long.

  • Q: My son can not attend practice today, what do I do?

    • A: Please contact your son's coach before the absence and inform him why he will not be present that day.

      • It is ok to leave a message in the football office.

        • The coach will get the information.

      • Do NOT call the Cathedral Attendance Office or the Main Office.  They are not responsible for contacting your son's coach on your behalf.

      • Please remember that the team does not tolerate tardiness or absences and your son may not play in future games or may be asked to leave the team.

  • Q: I'm running late and cannot pick up my son after practice.  Who do I call to get a message to my son?

    • A: No provisions are available to deliver a message to your son.  You are encouraged to network with the other parents and find a solution that way.

  • Q: Where does Cathedral High School play their home games?

    • A: The Phantoms play their home games at:

      • Cathedral High School

      • 1253 Bishops Road

      • Los Angeles, CA  90012

      • Get Directions

  • Q: Who is in charge of updating the Calendar and why does it change so often?

    • A: Daniel Bárcenas, is in charge of updating the web site and all its contents.  The Calendar is a live document and will change on a moment's notice.  Careful consideration is taken to update the site immediately after information is available.  Since this web site is not being updated by school's personnel, the data may sometimes be delayed a few hours.  Your patience is appreciated.

    • A: You can help by sending your emails directly to and inform us of any new developments.  Please remember that this site is wholly maintained by the parents and fans of Cathedral Football.  The school does not monitor nor is responsible for updating its content.

  • Q: I want to help.  What can I do and who do I contact?

    • You may contact the Phantom Boosters Club president, Daniel Barcenas at and signup to help during the football games or by donating items like water, Gatorade, etc.

    • You will receive 1 hour for every $10.00 you spend on our football players.  Please contact Daniel for details.

    • You can also contact Daniel and sign up to help during Football Camp days and help feed the players.

    • We need your photographs.  If you attend the Passing League games, Practices or actual games, you're encouraged to share your photographs (digital only) with  While we cannot guarantee we will use them, we will look at every single photograph submitted.  Please send your photographs in JPG format to  All photos submitted will become the property of and no remuneration, whether monetary or otherwise, is implied nor accepted.

  • Q: I see you have a Newsletter.  How do I join it, who writes it and what type of information does it contain?

    • A: The Phantom Newsletter was created to inform all Phantom fans of upcoming events.  To automatically join the list, please send a message to the Phantom Mailing List server.  Anybody with a valid email address may join this mailing list but the list moderator, Daniel Bárcenas, maintains final control of the content published in the newsletter.  If you have a SPAM filter enabled, please include in your list of approved mail senders.

    • Phantom Football can now be accessed on Facebook at  You are encouraged to view the content there and voice your opinions.  The coaches from Cathedral High School monitor its content periodically, however, it is better to contact the coach directly in case you have a question or comment which needs immediate attention.

  • Q: Why aren't the stats on updated regularly and who is in charge of updating them?

    • A: Daniel Bárcenas,,  is in charge of updating the stats.  Head Coach Pearson must first approve them, by checking the game video, and only then are they uploaded to
      Only Coach Pearson has the final authority to submit the stats to